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“ Each day Aprille motivates, encourages, and inspires women to follow their dreams. Any day that I am feeling defeated by all of life’s hurdles; I know I can always turn to Aprille to help me pick myself up again. She is a blessing, admired by women everywhere. „
- Shanna R., Tucson, AZ

“ Aprille is an inspiration to all of us. She is a gem that truly should be seen and heard by all!„
-Andrea F.H., Austin, TX.

“ I would like to place a vote Ms. April Frank as well. She has a way of making my days more positive and she is such an inspiration, not to mention an excellent role model. „
- Andrea R.

“ Her page (Women Recharged) is so interesting and very inspiring. And I enjoy all the friends I've made on there as well, including her!„
- Lee R., Oklahoma City


Life Is A Journey, Get Moving!

  Life isn't slowing down for you, me or anyone. The BIG question of the Day is "What's my Purpose" or "Why am here" or "How to get pass, the past? I realized my purpose in life is all of those lessons I learned through my experiences. My willingness to be authentic and transparent with other women so that they may truly began to understand that they are not alone in what they go through. I began to understand the reason I am here. If none of us are willing to ‘put it out there’ how can we help anyone? How can that Woman in an awful situation that you work with everyday begin to heal?

 I believe that God works through us and that it is our duty to share our stories as a means of healing for others. A means to understanding and sisterhood. A means to a better life filled with an abundance of joy, happiness, peace and love.

  Find out what Women are learning and how lives are changing all over the World. Get Coaching from Aprille and see how quickly you can be inspired to change your own life.

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Aprille Franks-Hunt, Author, Speaker, and Motivator as well as a multi-faceted professional left the corporate world to pursue her passion. She’s the sassy, funny, optimistic best friend that every woman needs – when they want the truth. 

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