Be Unpopular: Pray more!

“I need some ministering to my soul!”

I was in Orlando on business and while there I was able to get some time in with a friend of mine  and her family I knew it would have to be Sunday because that was the only day I had and I thought…hmmm, I need to go to church. In my mind I was already planning to go because I needed to go. Have you ever had that feeling like whew, “I need some ministering to my soul!” Especially when you are always pouring into others. Well this was my day. It was as if I just needed to walk in the doors to just cry and let it all out. And I did but I’ll get to that in a minute.

The pastor was speaking on: The Power of Prayer…

And I thought, yes, the power of prayer and while it’s the key to peace, happiness and abundance for billions I am sure – people don’t really do it. We want the quick fix and microwave success expecting lifetime results. It’s the unpopular thing that needs to be the popular thing again. It’s the “I’ll pray for you or praying for you or sending prayers” messages I see in my timeline and I often think “ are they really praying for them? And although intentions may be good, they aren’t good enough. I was that person and about two years ago I vowed not to be. If I said I am going to pray for you, trust your name will be uttered from my mouth when praying.

Anyhow, the pastor preached on being specific with your prayers and the fact that God delights in answering YOUR prayers – so I thought I would share it with you.

The 4 Conditions for Answered Prayers:

  1. Pray according to the will of God.
  2. Forgiveness – forgive those who have wronged you so the enemy doesn’t have a chance to use your lack of forgiveness against you. Your forgiveness of another person is not conditioned on if they forgive you. Forgiveness can be a one way street as it’s for you and your own salvation – not the other person. What they do is there choice. Sidebar: When he said that I was like WHOA!!!
  3. Don’t pray in doubt! You will only short circuit your prayer like a bad cell to cell connection! Your inclination not to believe your prayer will be answered nearly guarantees they won’t. So expect an answer to your prayer.
  4. Agree in prayer with at least one other person. Be in harmony with someone who you trust with your prayers and they trust in you. When two or more are gathered….you know the rest I love this because I have been falling off with my prayers this year so this was a great day be in church with people I love and a word directed at me.
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