Coaching Membership – CORE

My CORE membership training is for entrepreneurs who want to learn how to grow their tribes, attract and convert them with today latest strategies. This is on going training with new trainings being added each month.

Consider becoming a member of CORE if you have been frustrated and spinning in circles “trying to figure it out” on your own. If you feel as though every time you are motivated to make the shift and make the money there are things preventing you from moving forward, the support CORE provides in our twice monthly Open Office Hours is your solution.

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Epic Speakers Academy 2.0

Epic Speakers Academy 2.0 you will learn how to structure your talk, pitch yourself  and how to sell from the stage in transformational way.  You will also learn how to speak or present in a deliberate manner to inform and influence your captive audiences.  With preparation and practice you can overcome any fears, anxiety, or concerns of speaking to the public.  This self-paced program is designed to help you overcome any nervousness, reach into the hearts of your audiences then perform well.

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