How To Get Over a Hump

It’s the beginning of a brand new week, and now what? Do you ever feel like you are stuck “in the process” and can’t get over the HUMP? Completion seems so far away? Well, that is a normal part of the process – getting over the hump. Often times we think doing something should go according to plan and when it doesn’t – we allow ourselves to get stuck – then no progress gets made. Consider for a moment that “the hump” is like 3rd base in a baseball game and you have to hit even harder to make it to the home run! This is the time where you must dig deeper and find that extra to propel you forward.

Here’s a couple of things you can do to regroup and stay on track so when you get to the hump, you are ready for it!

  • 24 Hour hotel pow wow – check in to a local hotel and plug into you!
  • Brainstorm – invite a few friends/colleagues/professionals over for a brainstorming session. Often times you are so close to your work you can’t see it as objectively as others might.

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