#minirant: Don’t Tear Down Other Women

Why do women talk about other women when their own ish is raggedy? Yes, I meant that just like I said it.

We ALL have, and will continue to have, our own struggles and battles – our own wins and losses – our own self-worth issues, mommy challenges, relationship woes, and financial pitfalls. So why on EARTH would another women fix her mouth to TEAR down another woman living the same life (on a different day) that she has?

People need to watch their mouths and fix their own broken homes, finances, relationships, weight issues, skin and hair stuff!! When you fix all your stuff then help the next woman fix hers, don’t talk about her because you “made it.” I don’t know one woman who hasn’t cried herself to sleep from things going on in her life at some point. Have more compassion for others!

And if you are in a place where being raggedy is “OK” – then don’t dog other women who have passed that stage in their life.

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