Why Life & Business Coaching Sucks

I’m alarmed at the number of individuals attempting to coach others yet have no direction and limited business experience to go with the lessons/mistakes they’ve learned in their own journey.For the past three years I’ve been on this journey of empowering purposeful people to become the best expressions of themselves, both, personally and professionally. But before I could do any of that I had to be the best myself. That translates into a lot of praying,hoping, mountains to climb, free opt-ins, downloads, webinars, collaborations, conferences,plane tickets, rental cars, expensive hotel bills and the list can go on and on. It’s exhaustive to say the least but without it I wouldn’t know what’s NOT working for the people I coach/train/mentor. I wouldn’t know what works either – and my business wouldn’t have a sustainable income that I can rely on to cover overhead, expand, help take care of my
family, give back and do the things I love.

BUT before that – there is nothing worse than needing something, paying for something,sometimes spending your last dollars just to get watered down info you can get for free somewhere. Or to still be confused. UGH. That’s why coaching sucks – because so many people have butchered it. They got too damn sales-y and cheesy with it. I get it, we all need to make a living but not in the name of just making a dollar. I don’t want to “feel” like I’m just
a number in someone’s “sales funnel” – I want to feel like I’m apart of something where I am getting implementable details on how to do X-Y and Z. I want to hear from you periodically,and not only when you are selling me something. At least that’s how I feel about it – so we choose not to do business that way. There isn’t a right or wrong – there’s just a method and the method I love is Tribe and Community building.

Now, as a CEO and business owner, I realize I AM also a Coach. I ran from that word because the people who make it look bad – well, make it look bad. But then I thought,WAIT! I’m not them (and neither are you) and realized a coach is like any other coach on the field – like in football, they are there to help the players see the big picture, stay focused, encourage the players and give them “plays” to accomplish the goal the best possible way. If they get off track, the coach is there to guide them back on the right path.Never in the game but on the side lines, protecting his players moves. That’s really what coaching is in all forms. Life, Business, Executive, Entrepreneur, Health, Media and soon….

So instead of running from it, I choose to make it better and not just for me, but for you too.Before I founded my company, Women Recharged in 2011, I did what I do for Coaches,Speakers and Authors (and entrepreneurs) for millionaires who owned real estate investment properties all across the country. I was the person they called when they weren’t making any money. My first month in business, my profit was over $17,400. Before that I did
it for a multi-million- dollar corporation who owned thirty-five multifamily real estate properties (apartment complexes) that needed stabilizing. Meaning, it was a sinking ship and I was hired to be the captain to put it back on course. Like Kabbage says, I’m kinda like Olivia Pope and Gloria Steinem put together. So, when I am coaching, I have that mindset top of mind for my clients.

My solution: Targeted Training – Accountability – Limited to Serious Grow-getters

I’m alarmed at the number of individuals attempting to coach others yet have no direction and limited business experience to go with the lessons/mistakes they’ve learned in their own journey. I’m a bit “over” the amount of money I see people wasting because they don’t

know “who to pick.” At the number of people who KNOW they need a coach but don’t trust anyone because they’ve been burned. Then there are those people who just want something for nothing – I’m not talking to them or about them. But for the others, I get it.Hell, it’s happened to me…so rather than beat up the industry, I decided to shift my
business to fill the gap.

Over the past year I’ve been up to some good, creating my new flagship Coaching Specialist Certification Program, Ignite – it’s for those of you looking to cultivate the message in your spirit so that it connects with the right audience, to make an impact and generate life sustaining profits. Passion doesn’t equal profits unless you know how to package it. The right knowledge + the right formula = success. And it’s for people tired of not getting the answer to their questions – who don’t know what to do next. For those who bought that “coaching certification” only to learn it didn’t teach you how to build your business.


Whew. One of the most important lessons I’ve learned is I don’t have to be on this journey alone. I have learned something valuable from every partnership, collaboration and relationship in this entire journey. People want to be apart of something great. I have a team of people that work with me to help make all of this happen. Most times entrepreneurs are working for money – and don’t get me wrong, I am running a business. AND I’m working to
create leaders so we ALL make more impact + money. My legacy can’t depend on one client, or that one speaking engagement or one book and neither can yours. Your dreams and family deserve more focus and commitment than that.

I’m no longer watching good people spin their wheels. I’m here to Coach, Speak &Serve(TM) those I was meant to – serious people who are READY for what’s next and to do the work – I am not for those who are on the fence about this career path or think a coach is

the person who does the work for them, just so we’re clear. You in? Join our Facebook community, it’s free – just click here.

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